New Book: iPad Battery For Dummies

Given the recent coverage of the iPad battery, either noting how it continues drawing power after the indicator hits 100%, or even the heat generated by the iPad itself, you’d perhaps be forgiven for thinking that some tech sites have been holding an iPad shaped portable nuclear accelerator in their hands. Fortunately, Apple has been speaking to AllThingsD and has offered an explanation for the recent coverage of the now legendary third generation iPad battery.

According to Apple Vice President of Product Marketing Michael Tchao, the new iPad displays a 100% charge just before the battery actually hits that point and then continues charging until the battery hits its maximum. The device will then intelligently manage a small discharge and then continue the charging up to 100% once again. This cycle can be maintained indefinitely so that the iPad can be kept plugged into a power outlet for as long as the user wants.

As we said yesterday, many users charge their iPad overnight but don’t wait by the power outlet waiting for the device to hit the magical 100%. They will, in fact, unplug it when they have got out of bed, perhaps had a cup of coffee, and then thought about checking their e-mail or surfing the web. Therefore, keeping the new iPad plugged into an outlet is perfectly normal behaviour and certainly doesn’t merit an altered battery display algorithm or for Apple to replace the batteries in all new iPads.

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  • jamesdbailey

    The best part of all this is the whole “theory” that the iPad will overcharge came from a clueless cnbc reporter who misunderstood what he was told by an Apple representative and repeated his misunderstanding over the air.