Rumor: New iPhone With LTE Will Be Released In October 2012

A new report is suggesting that the next iPhone, perhaps called the iPhone 5, will be released in October 2012 and will be LTE enabled. The report also suggests that the device will likely have a 3.5 inch screen, as per the existing iPhone models, but could have a much smaller dock connector. The report comes from iMore who have apparently heard that the new device will not deviate substantially in screen size although they suggest that while 3.5 inches is likely, the report is vague on firm details and, as such, there is room for movement.

The release date of October 2012 would follow on from the release of the iPhone 4S in October of 2011 and is certainly consistent with other rumors that have circulated. This is also true of the news that the new device would be LTE enabled, a technology that Apple is certainly embracing after the launch of the LTE enabled third generation iPad.

The dock connector is something that is pretty interesting. The site has reported that Apple was looking to reduce the size of the dock connector with a view to saving space inside the next generation device. A new, smaller dock connector would certainly go some way to accomplishing that and would update the dock connector which has been in use since the launch of the third generation iPod.

Given that much of the information provided in the report is consistent with expectations, it has to be true….doesn’t it?


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