Apple Has A ‘Record’ Weekend

Apple today held an investor conference call in which CEO Tim Cook has noted that the launch of the new iPad set a new record and that the company was thrilled with the response to the new device. However, the company is not releasing any figures as to how many units of the new iPad were sold.

While the response to the new iPad may well have set a new record, they didn’t offer any clarification on exactly what the record was. It could either refer to the launch of previous iPads or indeed any previous mobile Apple device such as the iPhone or the iPad. Certainly, anecdotal reports from shoppers around the US have indicated that Apple has done a very good job keeping up with the demand for the iPad in Apple Retail Stores, with lines nowhere near the size of those for the iPad 2.

It’s likely that the lack of long lines is due to better preparation on the part of Apple, rather than lack of demand for the new device. However, it has been noted that those who elected to shop for the new device on launch day rather than pre-ordering have had greater ease in securing a device than those who tried to do the same for the iPad 2 launch. This is perhaps due to the fact that no pre-orders for the iPad 2 were taken and the simultaneous launch of the iPad in 11 countries.


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