It’s iPad Launch Day And New Retina Display Enabled Apps Abound

Apple has launched a new section on the iOS App Store which highlights several iPad apps that have been optimised for the Retina Display in the new iPad which launched today around the world. The new area of the App Store gives lucky owners of the new iPad the opportunity to download some apps which highlight the power of their new device and are optimised for the upgraded display.

Some of the apps that have already been updated for Retina Display on the iPad include Infinity Blade II, Solar Walk 3D, Real Racing 2, and the New York Times. This is in addition to Apple’s own selection of apps including Find My Friends, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Remote and iPhoto.

Many other apps also introduced app updates today which offer compatibility with the new Retina Display including Twitter and Evernote. As such, the size of these, and the other apps offering Retina Display capability on the iPad are starting to increase in size dramatically. Even relatively simple apps like Twitter on the iPad are hitting 120MB now and Keynote has reached over 400MB.

If you ever needed an excuse to bump your storage from 16GB to 32GB or even 64GB when upgrading your first generation iPad or even your iPad 2, then now may be the time.

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  • Extensions1

    Can you give a hint as to where the Retina Display-ready section is?  I can see nothing on iTunes where I am (Thailand).