Apple Looking To Better Integrate iPhone, iPad & iPod With Your Car

Apple is recruiting engineers to develop better ways of integrating your iPod, iPad and iPhone with your car. The company today posted a job opening for an QA Engineer who would join a dedicated team with a focus on integrating iOS devices with car stereos using both wired and wireless methods.

The fact that Apple has dedicated team of people working on integrating their devices with automobiles should come as no surprise given the focus of the company on the end user experience. There are now hundreds of models of cars that sport iPod or iPhone compatibility, not just for playing music but for using an iPhone in the car.

What’s interesting is to think about the possibilities when it comes to iOS devices and automobiles, from keyless proximity entry, Siri controlling the car ignition, and even an integrated dock solution for the iPhone or iPod actually in the dashboard of the car.

Not so far fetched.


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