Rumor: Apple Television Component Movement Suggesting Production Has Begun

The initial shipment of components required for the production of an Apple television have reportedly started moving towards Apple’s construction partners, according to Business Insider. The components, according to analyst Peter Misek, are apparently hitting manufacturers with a target of mass production beginning in May or June. The launch of the new Apple device is expected by the soothsayer analyst as later this year.

The components that are specifically being referred to are primarily the IZGO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) display panels that have long been rumored to be heading for Apple production lines, initially with the new iPad. Once commercial production has begun, the analyst expects up to 5 million units to be produced and that it would hit the market in Q4 of this year.

Despite any dubious opinions that you may hold of particular financial analysts, Peter Misek has been right in the past with many of his predictions about the iPhone 4S prior to launch actually coming true (even with people expecting a 4G iPhone 5 up until launch day). However, he has in the past suggested that Apple would be looking to merge iOS and OS X into a single operating system this year. Depending on how you view the changes to Mountain Lion on the Mac, you can read this either way.

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  • Michael Goncalves

    There are but TWO ways to make a Sony Executive  ‘shit himself’.  Serve him a burrito without first washing your hands…or tell him that Apple just released its new Television set and that the critics are going wild over it.

    I don’t know what the proposed Apple TV will have in it as features  (other than a higher resolution monitor—big whoop!!!).  However, for me to shell out $5K or so for a TV, it better do the following:

    1. SELF ADJUSTING TO AMBIANT LIGHT LEVELS.  EVERY Wide Screen TV above 32″ has to be seperately calibrated when it is first set up at home. This usually entails paying a boutique shop to have a certified colourist come out and ‘dial your set into the ambiant lighting of its display room’. Move the set to another room or to another House/Apartment Building and you have to eat another $300.00 Ambiant Lighting Calibration fee. WHY? How hard could it be to put in a sensor, a dedicated chip and  software that would automatically adjust colour temprature, brightness, specrum accuracy EVERY TIME you turned the TV on? Do not confuse ‘FACTORY SETTINGS’ with ‘ACCURATE SETTINGS’. Factory Settings are designed to sell TVs on a showroom floor—its about making Yellow appear to be more YELLOW n-o-t to accurately render the colour of the lemon in the bottle of Corona.

    2. THE TELEVISION AS HOME ENTERTAINMENT HUB.  Just as Steve JOBS envisioned the computer as being a hub for all periferials attached to it, so should the new Apple TV.  First, and foremost, the new TV must seemlessly integrate into the internet with an internal smart router that is true ‘Plug & Play’. It should obviously port to Ipods, Ipads and Iphones and it should have a SOTA DAC (Digital Audio Converter) to improve the otherwise harsh sound of Apple Lossless/AIFF recordings. Apple needs to reach out to Audio Manufactures like it did with Alpine’s Ida X001 Tapeless Tape deck—perhaps re-inventing THX standards for sound reproduction.
    3. SELF DIAGNOSIS OF PROBLEMS IS ESSENTIAL. The TV should be able to ‘heal itself’ or to tell the user what is wrong with it.  I would like to have it totally modular-ized so that the user could replace a blown out component by taking out a box and sliding in a new one (like one does with RAM upgrades).
    4. REMOTELESS REMOTES. When Apple introduced Siri on the iPhone, why do you need a wand with a gazillion buttons on it? “Siri, Remember that scene in Basic Instinct where Michael Dougless takes Jene Tripplehorn back to her appartment, yeah, the couch scene. Well I was in the mood for…[Siri] Alright, here it is…At least you are not on a Park Bench somewhere annoying people…How about we instead watch BigTime Women’s Bowling.  Berta Butt looks hella cute since she’s slimmed down to 225lbs…
    5. Surge Protection—all Apple TVs should have their own protection/Line Conditioning Circuits with a Joules rating of 1,500 or more—plus battery back-up would be nice for power-downs!!!