Apple iPad 3 / iPad HD Media Event Live Blog

This is the Live Blog for the Apple Media Event taking placing today at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. In a curation celebration, we’ll be putting all the pertinent information here as it emerges. Hit that refresh button now.

  • The press has gathered inside the Yerba Buena Center, waiting for the event to start
  • Tim Cook has arrived on stage to introduce the event

  • The introductory interlude is focused upon the fact that, in a post-PC era, Apple leads the way with the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod touch
  • 172 million post-PC devices (read iOS devices) were sold by Apple in 2011
  • Apple is excited about the opening of the new Apple Retail Store in Grand Central Station.  A video tribute is how excited they are.
  • Siri is one of the most important additions to the iOS software
  • Tim Cook announces that Apple is bringing Siri to Japan with Japanese language recognition.  Siri for Japan will be rolling out as part of iOS 5.1 over the coming weeks.
  • However, Apple will be releasing iOS 5.1 to users today
  • iTunes in the cloud is now going to offer support for 1080p HD movies which users will be able to play on a new….Apple TV.
  • The new Apple TV will support 1080p HD video with a brand new user interface that is streamlined.
  • iTunes playlists, from iCloud, will be available on the new Apple TV, alongside iCloud Photo Stream images.
  • The new Apple TV also has mirroring for playing video from any Apple mobile device.
  • The new Apple TV will be priced at $99 and will be available for purchase next week.  Pre-orders will begin today.
  • Tim Cook has now moved on to talk about the iPad.
  • The iPad has over 200,000 dedicated apps which make it great for almost any task, particularly creation, learning and gaming.
  • Tim Cook announces The New iPad.
  • The new iPad has Retina Display with 264 pixels per inch designed to be held at 15 inches from the face.  Individual pixels are indistinguishable.
  • The new iPad features a quad core A5X processor.
  • The new iPad also has an upgraded iSight camera with 5 megapixel sensor and 5 element lens on the backside.  It also offers full 1080p video recording and software based image stabilization.
  • The new iPad will offer voice dictation, not a full version of Siri.
  • In terms of cellular data, the new iPad is 4G LTE (73Mbps) compatible as well as HSPA+ (21Mbps) and DC-HSDPA (42Mbps).  The new device is also 3G compatible.
  • The new iPad will support both Verizon and AT&T as well as Rogers, Bell and Telus, but both AT&T and Verizon are NOT supported on the same device.  Different models for different networks.
  • The new iPad is 0.6mm thicker than the iPad 2, 0.07lb heavier (1.4lb) and will retain the 10 hour battery life.
  • Prices will stay the same as the iPad 2 ($499 for 16GB wi-fi).
  • Availability will be March 16th in primary countries (USA and Canada, UK, France, Japan, Switzerland, Germany), second roll out to other countries on March 23rd.  Pre-orders start today.
  • The gaming performance on the new iPad is amazing, near console quality.  Designers and users of Autodesk for iOS will also find it amazing.
  • Epic Games will be releasing Infinity Blade: Dungeons, especially optimized for the new iPad display.
  • The new iPad is actually called ‘the new iPad’ and retains the same type of dock connector as all the other Apple devices.
  • iWork for iOS has received an update and is available today ($9.99 per app for those who haven’t purchased yet, free to those who have).  Garageband for iOS has also received an update, with improvements to sharing and iCloud.  iMovie for iPad is also receiving a free (major) update.
  • Apple announces iPhoto for iPad, which gives multi-touch editing, new effects, easy sharing and automatic ‘similar photo recognition’.  The app has the ability to work with photos up to 19 megapixels in size.
  • Multi-touch editing in iPhoto for iPad is easy to use and non-destructive, so the software always retains the original unedited image.
  • iPhone for iPad is $4.99 and is available today on the iOS App Store.
  • New iPad is referred to by Apple as ‘the new iPad’ or ‘the third generation iPad’.
  • The iPad 2 will continue to be sold but the price will drop by $100 to $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model.
  • The new iPad will come in black and white.
  • The event concludes with Tim Cook teasing “2012. Across the year, you are going to see a lot more of this kind of innovation…we are just getting started”.

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  • Bryan Harrison

    Tim Cook impresses me as a capable man, and more importantly, perhaps even a good one.    (“Perhaps” only because I’ve never met him and we live in a world of seeming.)  Given his history, he’s obviously brilliant and dedicated.  I’m pleased he’s in charge at Apple.

    But his presentation skills are _painful_.  Forgive the cliché, but “pulling teeth” is the perfect metaphor.  I really have enjoyed dental work more than I did this morning’s keynote.    

    Now y’all, I know he’s from the South…  So – I will have you know – ahm _I_.  

    But lordy, lordy, lordy…  Thass still jess no ‘scuse a’tall for lettin’ yo po listeners to lapse into a coma while you pause to ponder your ten thousandth comma.  Looking at the video, there are moments where I do quite seriously wonder if perhaps Mr. Cook was overmedicated for stage fright.  (No judgement implied – I’d certainly have been popping Xanax like Altoids in his unenviably post-Saint Steve position.)

    Apple, Apple, Apple…  Listening to the man speak is like watching a tree grow.   I love trees, mind you, but that doesn’t mean I want to be drugged into a persistent vegetative state while contemplating one.  Please take some of that precious little bazillion dollar slush fund y’all are so modest about and get this lovely man some public speaking lessons?  And an intravenous espresso drip?