Stocks Of Existing Apple TV Seriously Low; Updated Apple TV Announcement Imminent?

Stocks of the second generation Apple TV are extremely low all over the US, lending more credence to the rumors that Apple will be launching an updated version of their popular set top box alongside the iPad 3 tomorrow. According to a new report from MacRumors, the Apple TV is out of stock in up to 98% of Apple Retail Stores in the US which is an extraordinary number. This follows on from prior reports that the Apple TV was out of stock in a large number of third party sellers such as and Best Buy.

According to the report, only a couple of retail stores in the US have stock of Apple TV available for immediate pickup suggesting that Apple has run down production of the existing model of the Apple TV and has perhaps ramped up production of a new model. In the past, reduced stock levels of a given device at Apple Retail Stores have suggested that the company is getting ready to launch an updated version of that device.

It would be extremely surprising if the stock deficit is because Apple has discontinued the Apple TV altogether, perhaps when placed in the context of multiple rumors claiming that Apple would be launching a television this year with many of the features currently found in the Apple TV. More likely therefore, is that Apple is simply going to announce an updated model of the popular device, which has sold surprisingly well, no doubt in part because of the low price point, since its introduction a year and a half ago.

A new Apple TV has been rumored for some time, perhaps with upgraded processor and 1080p output. All will be revealed soon.

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