Rumor: iOS 5.1 Ready For Release

The next version of Apple’s operating system for mobile device, iOS 5.1, has finished testing and development, and is ready for release. That’s the claim from Chronic Wire which is suggesting that iOS 5.1 has hit Gold Master status, which is the version that will be released to the public. The Gold Master version is software that has completed quality control testing and is fit for public consumption.

With the iPad 3 and the third generation Apple TV strongly expected to be announced at the Apple media event tomorrow, there is no reason to doubt this claim as it is likely that focus was placed upon software development ensuring that iOS 5.1 was ready for release. Apple has historically not released a new product which then immediately required a software update and, as such, if the iPad 3 is announced tomorrow with a release date of around 9-10 days later, it’s likely that the new device will ship with the latest version of iOS already pre-installed.

The iPad 3 is rumored to include Siri, although given Apple’s decision to restrict the Assistant software to the iPhone 4S, it’s unclear if iOS 5.1 will bring Siri to other devices like the iPad 2. In addition, the current generation Apple TV is also running on a variation of the iOS software and, alongside the iPad 3 launch, will likely see an update tomorrow. If so, iOS 5.1 will likely support the new features accompanying the hardware update.

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