Apple Rolls Out New iPad App Store Interface

Apple has updated the user interface on the dedicated iPad section of the iOS App Store. Specifically, the company has changed the way in which the top selling, either paid, free or top grossing, apps are displayed. The new interface includes a horizontal scrolling style rather than the vertical scrolling style which was previously employed.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference in the new interface is the lack of loading times. Prior to the change, users would have to wait a couple of seconds for the next 25 list of apps to be loaded if they elected to display more than the top 25 apps. Now, the new interface displays 6 apps at a time and there is no delay in the loading time.

The new interface is perhaps being rolled out in advance of the iPad 3 announcement due to take place tomorrow, once again reminding consumers that the iOS App Store is the best, and only, place to shop.


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  • B.R.

    Lol its not new! that interface works at least 1 year!

    • AppleBitch

      What have you been smoking?