Rumor: Smaller Dock Connector For iPhone, iPod And iPad

Apple is reportedly working on developing a brand new dock connector system for iOS devices which would supercede the current 30 pin connector system in the current generation devices. In a report from iMore, according to sources, the new dock connector would be much smaller with a view to saving space inside the devices, as the space requirements for bigger batteries, more storage and more powerful processors increases every year.

The current dock connector system acts as a charging port and data connector for syncing devices and has been around for around 10 years. The new dock connector system would perform the same functions although the report suggests that data connectivity wouldn’t necessarily need to improve to the standards offered by the new Thunderbolt connectors in Mac. This is due to the fact that much of the syncing of data to and from iOS devices is now done via wireless, meaning that the dock connector is used less frequently.

The new connector will also reportedly not be mini-USB as has been rumored in the past, rather a proprietary Apple connector as it is currently. In addition, it’s unlikely that the new dock will be found in the iPad 3, expected to be announced next month. Rather, the site points towards the iPhone 5 as potentially being the first device to incorporate the new ‘micro-dock’ although the iPod range seems just as likely, particularly the iPod nano.

There’s no word in the report on when the new dock connector would emerge, simply that it could be soon.


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