Rumor: Brand New iTunes Store And App Store To Launch This Year

A new report is suggesting that Apple is hard at work revamping the user interface and structure of the iTunes and iOS App Store fronts and that the new UI will launch later this year. According to 9to5Mac, the new interface will make it easier for consumers to find and download quality new apps and music, putting continued focus on purchasing, downloading and consuming content.

The site is reporting that the new interface will be more simple than the current iTunes interface and will be much more focused upon interactivity and the user experience. The new interface will likely be designed to reflect the increasing importance of the App Store in the Apple ecosystem. As the number of apps increases, so does the difficulty in finding quality apps, or quite simply, that app that you are looking for.
We have talked before about the limits of iTunes and the importance of Apple making it easier for crap apps to be filtered out and quality applications making their way to the forefront of the Store.  This revamp will hopefully address some of those issues.

The report doesn’t give any details about when the new storefront design could be launched but points out that it’s feasible for a 2012 launch. The update will also likely affect the storefronts found on iOS devices, but the launch could potentially take place either alongside the launch of the new Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion scheduled for the summer, or else, in a Fall event, perhaps with the next generation iPhone.

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