Lawsuit Settlement Means iPhone 4 Buyers In Line For Free Bumper Or $15

When the iPhone 4 was first released, there was a lot of furor over the fact that if you held the iPhone handset in such a way i.e. by grasping your hand over the device and bridging the two antennas, there was a noticeable drop in signal strength. Despite the fact that the phenomenon occured in almost every smartphone, a significant amount of media coverage meant that Apple was forced to hold a press conference and address the issue. Unsatisfied with the response, a number of consolidated lawsuits against Apple were launched.

The lawsuits claim that Apple was “misrepresenting and concealing material information in the marketing, advertising, sale, and servicing of its iPhone 4–particularly as it relates to the quality of the mobile phone antenna and reception and related software”. However, as of Friday, CNET reports that a preliminary settlement for these lawsuits has now been reached with Apple now having to offer US residents who have already purchased an iPhone 4 either a free bumper or $15 in cash as compensation.

Apple already offered customers who were unhappy with the signal quality of the iPhone 4 a free case back in 2010, so this lawsuit is apparently only for those US residents who didn’t take advantage of the free case back then.  Once up and running, the website for the settlement is, and will available in the coming weeks for those who want more details on how to claim their bumper or $15.

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  • Lorena Smuckler

    Since I bought my iPhone 4 shortly after it was released, I’ve tried everything short of inserting it anally in my desperate efforts to get its connection to fail. Given how much I yearn to embrace the shrilly righteous moral imperative of the self-designated class-action victim, I find the infernal device’s refusal to drop a single call nothing less than infuriating.

    I don’t use a case: it has no scratches. I once dropped it while exiting my therapist’s building: it (accurately) announced a text while bouncing down a flight of concrete fire stairs. One nasty Monday I threw into a (full) bathtub during a particularly annoying conversation with my mother: when I toweled it off, she was still squawking along uninterrupted. I forgot it was in that clever little pocket in my rain-drenched backup until it rang from inside the dryer: it was uncomfortably warm so I had to use the speaker to answer the call.

    The deceitfulness of those bastards at Apple is exceeded only by their supreme arrogance.  How dare they give me electronics that work?  HOW DARE THEY GIVE ME NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT?  I hate them they way I hate this Satanic little device:  with a hot, hurty hate.  

    Does no one care how this all smug uncomplaining perfection makes me feel?  I can just _feel_ my nasty little iPhone (and those horrible people at Apple) laughing at me.  I pray daily it will die! die! die! so that I can justify switching to an Android, which will give me something to complain about and justify my pathological sense of entitlement, which is exceeded only by my inability to ever be satisfied with anything at all.