SpiderArm iPad 2 Case

If you thought that there are already some weird iPad 2 cases and stands floating around, then think again. A new mounting case from SpiderArm brings some pretty funky mounting karma to the iPad 2, with 360 degree adjustability and interchangeability. The system apparently help to reduce neck strain and muscle fatigue. From the press release:

“The system includes two base units; a two-way SurfaceMount™ that is padded to protect furniture and can be secured to a table or desk, and a three-way VersaMount™ for securing onto a wall, under a cabinet or near your work station. Much like spiders themselves who can survive in all types of habitats, the SpiderArm system can be used in nearly any environment and the multiple mounts provided in the system means you can move your iPad from room to room.”

According to the company the device has “three modular extension arms with 270 degree joints that freely adjust to any angle and height. These arms help the user to “build” a system using either one, two or three of the arms, resulting in a set up that provides a precise, ergonomic and hands-free viewing experience customized just for them”.

The SpiderArm retails at $79.99 and is available at SpiderArm.com and Amazon.  It kinda scares me a little.


Also on AppleBitch.com:

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