Rumor: iOS 5.1 Leaked, New ‘Fast’ Camera Access

A new pre-release build of the next generation of Apple’s operating system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, iOS 5.1, has apparently been leaked to the Portuguese site BlogdoiPhone (via MacRumors). As such, they have posted screenshots of what is reportedly a revamped lock screen, featuring a new camera control feature. The camera icon is now reportedly present all the time in the lock screen whereas previously users would have had to double tap the Home button on their iOS device to click it.

But what about accidental presses of the camera icon, you may ask? The new screenshot, if genuine, appears to show a camera icon that requires an upward swipe i.e. it would not be activated by an over enthusiastic side swipe to unlock the device. So one upward swipe would be all that is required for the camera app to launch, a new feature that is sure to please users who have been frustrated in trying to take a quick picture when their iPhone is locked.

Many users had complained about how long it took to get the camera active in earlier builds of iOS, a problem which Apple addressed with the ability to double tap the home button and use one of the volume control buttons as a shutter trigger. Now it seems that this goes one step further, a step which is particularly welcome given the high quality camera included with the iPhone 4S and the rumored camera upgrade that is expected to hit with the iPad 3 in around a month.

The BlogdoiPhone site is suggesting that the leaked build that they have obtained is actually a pre-GM version, i.e. a version that it not the final public release, so it may still yet be subject to change.


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  • AdamChew

    “What happen if you accidentally press the camera?”

    It the end of the world dude.

    • AppleBitch


      Warning – don’t unlock when naked

  • Peter

    Is it just me or has the swipe strip also been moved up? While I like the camera swipe capability, it seems awkward to now have to move your thumb to the middle of the screen for a swipe.

    • AppleBitch

      I think the screenshot was taken in the middle of the camera swipe action