Amazon Not Selling New Apple TV Any More?

AppleBitch has been informed that has ceased selling new units of the current generation of Apple TV from its own stock, Following on from recent reports that the retailer showed an sharp increase in shipping times for the Apple TV, has removed listings of new Apple TV’s from the shelves of its online store. Consumers looking for the second generation Apple TV device will have to either go elsewhere, or purchase a used or refurbished version.

The news comes as rumors swirl about an imminent upgrade to the Apple TV, with a third generation model potentially set for launch next month alongside the iPad 3. Amazon certainly doesn’t appear to be the only retailer discontinuing the model though as 9to5Mac spotted that other major stores such as Best Buy and Walmart have ‘erased them from existance’.

Clues pointing towards a new Apple TV have been spotted in beta versions of iOS 5.1 but there are no indications on what changes Apple could potentially be making to the device for a third generation. It has been suggested that the company could be looking to bring 1080p HD to the next generation device as well as new Bluetooth 4.0, but no other leaks have been spotted.

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