Rumor: March 7th Is The Day Of The iPad 3

March 7th is apparently going to be the day when Apple is planning on unveiling the iPad 3 to the world. This is according to a new report from iMore who are suggesting that Apple will host a media event in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, located in San Francisco. The YBCA is no stranger to iPad announcements because Apple also happened to choose this venue for the launch of both the iPad and the iPad 2.

The source of the information is unclear but, according to the site, have been reliable in the past. Certainly the day is free in the YBCA calendar and fits with previous reports that Apple would introduce the device in the first week of March.

The new iPad is rumored to sport a display with four times the number of pixels as the current gen iPad, all crammed in to 9.7 inches. In addition, the device is also rumored to have a quad core ARM A6 processor and a greatly upgraded camera. In addition, rumors are suggesting that the new device will also sport LTE compatibility, making it the first Apple device to run on 4G networks.

March 7th suddenly seems a long time away. But, this of course would make the date 3/7/12 or, for the Brits, 7/3/12. And, in terms of the date significance, whichever way you break it down, 7-3-2+1=3. So the iPad 3 is right there in the math. Amazing.


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