NYT Adopts Apple Marketing Speak To Describe iPad 3 Screen

A new article from the New York Times has popped up following the sharp increase in the number of leaks and new information concerning the specifications and launch date of Apple’s iPad 3. The publication gushes over the as yet unannounced device by saying that it will have a ‘truly amazing’ screen. In a report that confirms what is already known, the publication suggests that the new device will be going all out and will have a greatly upgraded screen, improved processor and that the size and shape will not differ dramatically from the iPad 2.

Sadly the NYT article stops short of noting that the iPad 3 would change everything again or that it would be even harder to put down that the iPad 2, but still lends its support to the claims that the iPad 3 will be a much faster device. With component leaks seemingly occurring on an hourly basis, it does seems pretty certain now that the iPad 3 will also have a highly desirable screen, multi-touch and multi-talented, which will be good for work, play and everything in between.

One thing that is still in doubt however, is the name of the device. The NYT draws attention to the fact that the iPhone 4S was a bit of surprise when it came to launch day and the eventual nomenclature was revealed. There is still the obvious possibility that the iPad 3 may actually be the iPad 2S and that 2013 might be the year of the iPad 3, so actually guessing the name of the new device has fun written all over it.

One thing is certain though. Everyone should have a tablet this advanced.

Truly Amazing…

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