iPad 3 Launch Date Will Be First Week In March

A new report has popped up from the well-sourced AllThingsD which is suggesting that Apple will be holding a launch event for the iPad 3 in the first week of March. The report suggests that the event will be held in San Francisco at either the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts or else the Moscone Center, and that the device may go on sale quite quickly after the media event, perhaps even within a week or so.

The report goes on to say that the device will be pretty much in line with the rumors surrounding the specifications which mean that it will likely ship with a greatly improved Retina Display, thought to be at 2048 x 1536. In addition, there will be a much faster processor inside, suggesting that it will include a new A6 processor, perhaps even quad-core, rather than dual core (in contrast to a recent rumor). The device will also reportedly have greatly upgraded cameras.

Recent iPad 3 case leaks have suggested that the design of the iPad 3 will not vary greatly from that of the iPad 2, but it remains to be seen whether these are true in relation to potential changes in the shape and thickness of the device. Certainly, it will also likely have an improved larger battery to power the upgraded hardware.

Given that the iPad 3 will likely ship with a new version of iOS 5, it isn’t to far of a stretch to assume that iOS 5.1 could also be expected to be released for all newer iOS devices around the same time.

AllThingsD has a good track record with predicting Apple launch events, enough to make you think that a few well placed controlled leaks might be good PR strategy..

Carefully Controlled…

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