Rumors: iPad 3 Case Photos Emerge, No Quad-Core Processor

A newly released picture which appears to show the rear panel of the upcoming iPad 3 has appeared, sourced from Repair Labs (via MacRumors) who claim to have access to the part. The photo, taken facing the inside of the rear panel shows what is apparently the iPad 3 part (right) next to an iPad 2 rear panel (left). The site claims that the logic board mounts have been modified to allow for a much larger battery without any major changes to the exterior shape or size of the device. The article also notes that the camera and the screen of the iPad 3 have been modified when compared with the iPad 2 although no details are given.

What is obviously disappointing is that the photo shows very little as the site apparently didn’t take the time to take a picture either with a side-on or top down view that would offer a glimpse as to any thickness or shape changes in the new device. Additionally, there is no photo of the outside of the rear panel, again a view which would have been interesting. As it is, the inside is all that is offered.

In addition to the panel photo, The Verge has chimed in on the leak, suggesting that the iPad 3 will, in fact, not come with a quad-core processor. The site suggests that the new device will in fact incorporate a new A6 processor which will be an upgrade when compared to the A5 processor found in the iPad 2. However, they are suggesting that the A6 will be dual core rather than quad core as initially rumored. However, The Verge has had a bit of a rough record with Apple rumors in the past so take it with a pinch.

Notably, however, the site describes the rumored 2048 x 1546 resolution of the iPad 3 as double resolution, when it is in fact quadruple the resolution of the iPad 2, so saying that the processor may be dual core rather than quad core may be their way of saying it has four cores.  Just a thought.

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