Google Updates Chrome For Mac OS X

Google has today released an updated version of their Chrome web browser for Mac OS X. The update brings Chrome to version 17 and contains a number of new features and bug fixes. The new features and fixes continue to add to the rapid browsing experience that Chrome is starting to be known for. The updated version of the browser is available now either for download through the Chrome update or for direct download through the Chrome website.

One of the key new features included in the update is that Chrome will now pre-load webpages during the time that you are typing in your search terms. This means that the browser essentially attempts to predict what website will be your next click and will already have started loading and rendering it by the time that you actually make the click. A rather clever solution to making the web browsing experience faster. In addition to this, Chrome will automatically scan downloaded executable files to determine if they are safe for download or are likely to be malware. There are also a large number of other bug fixes stability improvements.

Chrome was initially released for Mac OS X in beta in 2009 and has rapidly established a good market share. Many users, including myself, have switched to it from Safari or Firefox due to the rapid launch and browsing experience. The new version of the browser is noticeably faster, particularly when visiting graphics intensive websites.

Hit the Google Chrome site for the update now.


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  • Tyler Ault

    They seem to have broken the included Flash player with this update (OS-X Lion 10.7.2)

    • AppleBitch

      Works ok for me (10.7.3)