Apple Finally Lets Go Of White MacBook

Apple has started to make the final arrangements for removing all traces of the white polycarbonate MacBook from its inventory (via MacRumors). The company stopped selling the 13 inch white MacBook to consumers last year but continued to offer it as an option to educational institutions through the Apple Institutional Purchase Program. However, as of this month, Apple has now categorized the white MacBook as ‘End of Life” and is completely ceasing distribution of the device.

The white MacBook has been a staple offering for Apple users, and is particularly popular among students and entry level users. However, with the increasing popularity of the iPad and the MacBook Air, as well as the competitive price points, the white MacBook essentially found itself as a third wheel in Apple’s line-up.  Despite the fact that the white MacBook had a few flaws (crazy fan anyone?), it still feels a little sad to see it go.

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