Apple Releases Update For iBooks 2

Apple has today released an update for iBooks 2 on iOS devices to resolve issues that some users were having with opening the new media rich textbooks format recently released by the company. The update brings the iBooks software version up to 2.0.1 and will hopefully include some stability and bug fixes for their flagship eBook software.

Personally, since the iBooks 2 update, I’ve had sporadic problems with launching the iBooks app, with load times in excess of 10 seconds on an iPad 2 with less than 100 ePub books in the application. It’s too early to tell if Apple has resolved this issue in the latest update, but so far, with around ten or so quit and re-launches, the issue hasn’t appeared again.

The iBooks 2 app was released last month to coincide with the launch of iBooks Author and to provide functionality for Apple’s new textbook initiative that was launched last month in New York City.

The update is available now in the App Store and is free of charge.

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