Amazon Goes Head To Head With Apple In A War Of Love

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be in the mood for love. Perhaps you are even looking for a romantic gift to give the light of your life, and you may find that said romantic gift comes in the form of an iPad 2. However, if you are in the Amazon camp then you may have some pretty strong feelings in the other direction, with the Kindle going up against the iPad. Amazon themselves certainly do, and appear to be using the same strategy as Apple in marketing the Kindle over the next couple of weeks.

Both companies are using the opportunity presented by Valentine’s Day with a view to promoting their products as gifts for that special someone. For some time now, Apple has devoted the front page of their online store to extolling the virtues of buying an iPad 2 for a Valentine. Now Amazon has jumped into a remarkably similar stategy as can be seen from the screenshot above which popped into my inbox via e-mail this morning. A tablet enveloped in romance….now, where have I seen that before.

The Kindle and the iPad 2 represent the perfect opportunity for Apple and Amazon to go to war over similar products and the similarities in the current marketing strategy for both products is likely no accident. Amazon has spent a lot of time comparing the iPad 2 and the Kindle, a good example of which can be seen on this page, hosted by Amazon, which compares the two devices and, very apparently, attempts to paint the iPad 2 in a negative light.

Is anyone actually fooled?

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