Rumor: iPad 3 Specifications Surface

The iPad 3 will allegedly sport a new A6 quad-core processor and will come in two versions according to a new report published by BGR. The site has apparently managed to get hold of some photos of a software analysis program which appears to show details of the new iPad 3.

The software, called iBoot, is part of Apple’s repertoire for the debugging and development of new devices and, if the screenshots are genuine, shows that the new iPad 3 will be codenamed iPad3,1 and iPad 3,2 (termed J1 and J2 in the software). The first model will be similar to existing iPad 2 models in that it will be Wi-Fi only but the second model number apparently refers to an iPad 3 that has a new chip covering all GSM, CDMA and LTE carrier networks.

The software also reveals that a quad-core new A6 processor (part number S5L8930X) will be used in the iPad 3, an upgrade from the current dual core A5 processor.

The LTE compatibility would be a massive selling point for the new iPad 3 as rumors have been circling back and forth over what the first Apple device to support LTE would actually be. It seems that Apple have managed to solve the ‘design compromises’ posed by incorporating the current generation LTE chipsets in their mobile devices. In addition, the incorporated chipset would mean that Apple would not have to have separate versions of the iPad for GSM or CDMA networks, rather a single devices that essentially supports all carriers.

The source of the information is being kept secret but, if the claims are genuine, must stem from someone who has access to a either a final version or, more likely, a prototype iPad 3 device and was able to tether it to the iBoot software to run the analysis.

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