iPhone 4S To Be Launched On China Telecom Soon

China Telecom, the third largest carrier in China has announced through it’s subsidiary company Beijing Telecom via a press release, that they have begun preparations for the launch of the iPhone 4S in China. The device would be a CDMA-based iPhone and could launch in late February or early March according to a report by China Daily.

The report did not offer any details on either the price of the iPhone or the plans that would be offered with it. China Telecom has reportedly secured the operating licenses that would be required to launch the iPhone 4S on their network and it was simply a matter of getting retail systems in place for the launch, which will likely see the iPhone 4S be overwhelmingly in demand.

The iPhone 4S was actually launched earlier this month in China but sales were quickly stopped by Apple as riots started up in Beijing and Shanghai as a result of people trying to be among the first to get hold of the new device. One of the biggest problems related to phone scalpers who tried to buy the iPhone 4S and then sell it on to others at an inflated price.

Apple recently attempted to thwart iPhone scalpers in the Hong Kong Apple store by implementing a new system which required consumers looking to purchase an iPhone to provide government issued ID. The ID’s would then be verified and used to allocate reservations. It may be the case, therefore, that the the company could implement this in other countries where high demand for Apple products results in scalpers making their trade. Certainly the launch of the iPad 2 in the USA apparently attracted some scalpers who were interested in making a profit, so it will be interesting to see how China Telecom will deal with the high demand when the launch eventually happens.


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