A Rush Of ‘iPad 3 For Dummies’ Books Appear On Amazon

The French Amazon site, source of a few pre-emptive publications for unreleased Apple devices or software in the past, has posted a bunch of new books related to the unreleased and, as-yet, non existent iPad 3. The books are all in the iPad 3 For Dummies subject area and are apparently designed to give users, who haven’t seen an iPad 3 before, an idea of how to use it properly.

The books are by different authors but have titles like ‘iPad 3 Pour Les Nuls’, which equates to ‘iPad 3 for Dummies’, by Edward Baig with a publication date of March 29, 2012. Others include ‘Auf die Schnelle iPad 3 Ganz Leicht‘ which apparently translates as ‘On The Fly Easy iPad 3′ with publication scheduled for May 2012. There is also ‘Premiers Pas avec Ipad 3 pour les Nuls‘ or ‘Starting with iPad 3 for Dummies’ on April 26, 2012 as well as ‘iPad 3 Step by Step for Dummies‘, by Jolivalt Bernard, also appearing on April 26, 2012.

Amazon has, in the past, put some rather random books on their website including another iPad 3 for Dummies book which was swiftly removed, as well as a book which claimed that it would be focused upon iWork ’11. Given that 2011 has now come and gone with no sight of iWork ’11 (or indeed iWork ’12), this gives you a clue as to how reliable these unreleased publications are. However, some authors are looking to cash in early on the predicted success of the iPad 3.

Of course, as yet there has been no official mention of when an iPad 3 would be released or, if Apple is even working on one.  Recent rumors have suggested that a new device will be released around March of 2012 and that it will sport a Retina Display screen with increased resolution as well as upgraded front and rear cameras.  Other rumors have suggested that the device will be minimally thicker (less than 1mm) to accommodate the hardware changes and may or may not incorporate the Siri technology found in the iPhone 4S.


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  • Gojcode

    Not sure about this. I hope Apple will release iPad 3 much earlier in March. Maybe the second week of March. But we will see…