Editorial: The Limits Of ‘iTunes’

iTunes is a brand that is arguably as famous and well-known as any other computer or media branding. The software was initially launched by Apple in 2001, swiftly followed by the ‘iTunes Music Store in 2003 (subsequently shortened to the ‘iTunes Store’). Since then, the Store has grown from supplying only music, to offering movies, TV shows, books, podcasts and apps for iOS devices. It also acts as a hub for iTunes U and, with Ping, a social network based around music. So, how long is the name going to last?

The issue with continuing to call iTunes, well, ‘iTunes’ is that it no longer applies nor covers the scope of what the software and the Store actually does and offers. It’s a case of the brand taking over the functionality and, perhaps through lack of foresight or action, has resulted in the iTunes Store becoming Apple’s default media hub (iMedia anyone?) with a bit of a misnomer.

The issue that Apple now faces if they ever wanted to change the iTunes name, is that it is so ingrained in the public consciousness as ‘The’ place to go for music and, perhaps to a lesser extent, TV shows, movies, books, textbooks et cetera, it would be a tremendous challenge to make the switch. Even if they did decide to change the name to reflect the growing role of iTunes in our daily lives, is there a name, outside of a hipster fruit, that could cover the realm of iTunes?

Perhaps it’s better leaving it as it is, sitting as a brand that everyone knows. Or perhaps, now that everyone and their dog has an Apple device of one description or another, it’s time to look to the future of the media content that will be provided by Apple, and make a big change.

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  • Mdclabburn

    Couldn’t a similar logic be applied to the name ‘iphone’