Apple Offers Discount On Refurbished iPod Nano

Apple is currently offering a $10 discount on sixth generation refurbished iPod nano (8GB) devices. The Online Apple Store was updated yesterday to add the time limited offer, offering the refurbished devices for $99 (regular price $109). Not all colors are available but you can still get a black, silver, blue, green or orange one for under a hundred bucks versus the regular price of $129 for a brand new one.

It’s not clear when the offer ends, but if you are in the market for a refurbished nano then this is a great deal. As always they are covered by a one year Apple limited warranty and offer a 14 day returns policy. One restriction, however, is that engraving or gift wrap is not available.

Alternatively, if you want to dig up that 1st generation iPod nano, you can always see if it’s eligible for return and exchange for a refurbished sixth gen iPod nano free of charge.

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