Rumor: Cases Start Appearing For iPad 2S / iPad 3

Once again, a pre-emptive strike by some third party case manufacturers for iOS devices is resulting in some cases for the as yet unannounced iPad 3 have hit the market (via 9to5Mac). The cases are actually being advertised as destined for the ‘iPad 2S’ and are marginally thicker than those produced for the iPad 2 to reflect the rumored changes to the third generation form factor.

The cases are produced by Chinese manufacturer Chinee and are reportedly based on information obtained from the iPad 3 (we’ll call it that for now) supply chain. However, those with good memories will remember that prior to the launch of the iPhone 4S, quite a few cases for an iPhone 5 with a completely different form factor started to circulate. Those cases were pretty foolish looking when the iPhone 4S launched so we’ll see if the same thing happens again.

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