A Short Reflection On The iPod Classic

How do you see your iPod classic? Do you look at it with a nostalgic glow, essentially the original iPod with a click wheel but with a bigger storage capacity, better screen and better battery? Or, do you look at it as the modern iteration of an Apple device that changed the world?  Apps are all very well and good, but a real music lover uses a classic.  Is that your attitude?

Perhaps you look at it with indifference. A hard drive with a limited user interface, a screen too small to watch anything, a capacity that is only slightly above that of a high-spec iPod touch, a lack of ability to buy and run apps, connect to the web, buy songs, Facetime, photos and video et cetera, et cetera.

The iPod classic sits there in the Apple Store in a perfunctory manner, a little like the Superdrive for the MacBook Air. Not many people buy one any more but there’s a place for it and any discontinuation will result in outrage.

I’m not trying to call for the end of the iPod classic because I, for one, would be sad to see it go. I look at it with nostalgia, not with contempt. But I’d be happy to see Apple update in a way that only Apple can.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=743912877 Jasper Menu

    If apple does decide to update or discontinue it, i will most certainly buy another one, in case this one ever goes bang :)
    i had mine 3 years now, and i still use it every day!
    its fully packed with music and top gear, and i would love to see the 220 gb upgrade..
    I’d rather have them discontinue the touchscreen, i just loathe it with an unbridal passion…
    Classic all the way!!

  • Srodin

    I have one in my car connected to my car stereo system. It works great and stores all music I have. So I can have all my music on the go. 

  • http://wiskeytangofoxtrotoscar.blogspot.com/ James Ala

    The storage of the Classic is several quantum leaps above the touch. 64Gb in the top of the line Touch vs. 160gb in the Classic. For someone who audiophile the Classic is a clear winner. I would not go on any road trip without my Classic. Plus the Touch does not handle audiobooks worth a damn. What do you mean I can’t play my iTunes purchased audiobooks on the Touch and need to download an app to support my Audible purchases? Jimmy Crickets, what a bummer.

  • Etypeseries

    Bitches, it’s ‘Sir’ ipod classic to you.

  • Avaloniphone

    I can’t live without the Classic. I can’t use my iPhone while driving because I have to look at it to change anything. I can use the classic by feel only. Much safer.

  • Jdhook

    essential tool in cars.  I can have my entire music collection on a Classic and use it when satellite radio doesn’t feel right

  • http://www.tozzophoto.com Roy Caratozzolo

    I see myself always having an ipod, yet never using an iphone….

    • http://www.applebitch.com AppleBitch

      That was literally the fastest comment after a post ever!!! Eighteen seconds.