Microsoft Office On The iPad; OnLive App Hits App Store

Microsoft has released the new OnLive app on the Apple iOS App Store. The app allows virtual versions of Microsoft’s Word, Powerpoint and Excel applications from the Office suite of programs to run on the iPad.

The trick behind the OnLive app is that the applications are actually based on Microsoft’s own servers and use their processing power to enable the OnLive app functionality. The OnLive UI that the iPad user sees is actually a streamed version of the app that is directed at the iPad. You can therefore create and manipulate comprehensive documents, spreadsheets and presentations that are mot physically located on the iPad and are driven by powerful processing clusters in Microsoft’s own data centers.

There are several pricing plans available for the service, including a free one which offers 2GB of cloud storage. A bumped up service which is coming soon will offer 50GB of storage for $9.99 per month. The service will also apparently allow you to install and use additional PC applications through your iPad.

It is available in the US App Store now and is coming to the UK one ‘soon’. However, this is no word from Microsoft as to whether native Office apps will ever be released for iOS devices.


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  • Dennis Goshorn

    This is clunky at best; I hate that you have to use their keyboard and lack of Dropbox support is a serious shortcoming. No thanks, I’ll stick with Pages, et al