Rumor: iPad 3 Components Seen In The Wild

According to a new report from iLounge, their editor Jeremy Horwitz has been at it again and has apparently been exposed with some wanton lust to parts of an iPad 3 device in the wild.  He is reporting that, according to the rear panel that he saw, the iPad 3 has some barely perceptible differences from the iPad 2 and that it is only very marginally thicker.  I’m using the term wanton because he doesn’t seem that excited about it given the fact that, if true, he’s just hit a big one out the park when it comes to scoops about unreleased Apple products.

Hotwitz only last week tweeted about a source of his giving him information on the upgrades to the iPad 3 which included an upgraded front and rear camera as well as the increase in thickness that he once again references in this new report.  It’s not clear from the report if the same source who provided him the information about the new device is the one who has given him early access to the rear shell.

Sadly, there are no pictures of the iPad 3 panel nor did he see the screen which is rumored to feature a high resolution Retina Display.

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