Update On First Generation iPod Nano Replacement Program

Following the launch of the iPod nano replacement program in November 2011, there is apparently a bit of a backlog in fulfilling requests for new devices due to the popularity of the program. We have checked with Apple support in the UK and the US and, while there was initially a six week lay period between the time that Apple receives the iPod and the time that a new one has been sent out, this is now apparently closer to eight-ten weeks. In addition, anecdotal reports on the Apple support site tell similar stories, although there are exceptions with the odd person receiving a new device within four weeks.

The replacement program is designed for some first generation iPod nano owners who have devices that may be susceptible to battery overheating. As such, Apple has offered to replace the affected units and, as of last month, has actually sent out new sixth generation iPod nano units instead of replacement first generation iPods.  Judging from comments on the Apple support pages, it seems that this is now a common occurrence.

If you haven’t done so already, you can check if your first generation iPod nano meets the criteria for replacement by entering the serial number of the device at Apple’s webpage for the replacement program. You aren’t guaranteed to receive a sixth gen iPod nano, but can at least get your faulty device replaced (although it may take a little while).


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  • Randy

    When my replacement finally showed up after six weeks I opened the box and it was empty–stolen while in transit. I called Apple right away and they said would launch an investigation, but in the meantime they sent me a beautiful 6th gen iPod as a replacement for the one they categorized as “lost in transit.” The tech on the phone said it was the third call about an empty box he had received. Apple handled it very nicely indeed. Mahalo. 

  • GLD

    Process took 5 weeks in total for me. Return box took about 2 weeks but was FedEx. # weeks later, new 6th gen iPod. Not bad for a 2 gig iPod that had been relegated to a backup. Now it is my Wife’s favorite gym accessory.

  • Emaven

    It took six weeks from the day I applied on the web to get my empty return envelope. I did not get a box for FedEx, but got an envelope for ups. once I sent in the envelope it was very fast. Took only 4 days. And it’s a beautiful 6th gen nano.

  • Peter

    Don’t know where this gets it’s info from but Apple shipped me the shipping box in less than 4 days after filing my claim. It arrived 12/21/11 I sent it back the days later and Apple received it 12/31/11. Today 1/6/12 I got a email that my new iPod is on its way and will arrive in 2 days. Amazing and ONLY Apple could pull this off flawlessly for me.