Shipping Delays Hit All Mac Pro Models In European Apple Stores

Supplies of all models of the Mac Pro are apparently getting pretty tight in many online Apple Stores in Europe as shipping times for all of the Mac Pro models have increased to 1-3 weeks. Stores in countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Belgium and Sweden have all slipped in estimated shipping times in the last day, from being ‘In Stock’ to ‘Dispatched: 1-3 weeks’ indicating a bottleneck in supply.

This follows on from a report at the start of the week which noted that there were delays starting to emerge in customized models of the Mac Pro (via MacRumors), such as models with an increase in RAM. This latest slip will likely prompt some interest in whether the Mac Pro will soon receive an refresh.

Certainly, the Mac Pro hasn’t received an update for around 18 months so one possible reason could be that Apple is preparing to refresh the flagship Mac. Recently, rumors have circulated surrounding the inclusion of new Intel Sandy Bridge processors and AMD graphics cards in the Pro, and we may just be seeing the effects of Apple running down their current generation model supply.

Hat tip to reader Jess for the spot.


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