Rumor: Mac Pro Feeling Refreshed?

As is sometimes the case with Apple products that are due to receive a refresh, the shipping times for the Mac Pro have increased. As found by MacRumors, the shipping times for all Mac Pro models that have been customized in any way (such as extra RAM) have slipped to 1-3 weeks which could mean that stocks of the Mac Pro are running low.

Increased shipping times for major Apple devices purchased from the online Apple Store can be a indicator that a device is about to receive a revamp as, in the past, shipping times for other devices like the MacBook Pro and the iPod have increased prior to those devices receiving an update. While the Mac Pro has frequently had more prolonged shipping times than other Apple products, it’s worth keeping an eye on if you are in the market for one.

The Mac Pro was last updated around 18 months ago in mid-2010. It should be noted that shortages of the Mac Pro were also seen early last year but without an update. However, drivers for AMD ‘Tahiti’ video cards were recently found in one of the last OS X builds released to developers. As these ‘pro-level’ video cards could only be supported in the Mac Pro, the appearance of drivers for the cards prompted speculation that the Mac Pro would continue to be supported by Apple and that perhaps a new model could be in the works.  The new video cards are due to hit the market this month.

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