Rumor: Thinner, Low-Power Retina Display For iPad 3

A new rumor is suggesting that the display in the iPad 3 could be manufactured by Sharp and involve the use of Indium-Gallium-Zinc Oxide (IGZO) display panels (via Digitimes). This would be in contrast to the In Plane Switching (IPS) panels utilized in the first and second generation iPads. There are several advantages associated with IGZO panels including lower power requirements, thinner profile and hiher resolution capacity.

Such a display could potentially solve some of the challenges facing Apple by releasing a device with four times the amount of pixels as its predecessor. One of the issues would be that battery power would be diminished more rapidly in the higher resolution display and, certainly, the lower power display would help to achieve this.

The other major problem would be the thickness of the display and the overall thickness of the device. Previous reports have suggested that Apple was looking into potentially using a two light bar system (versus one light bar in the first and second generation iPads). This would have been a requirement had Apple increased the resolution of the iPad 3 whilst utilizing the existing display technologies. An IGZO display could potentially be thinner and would not require the second light bar to hit the Retina Display resolution that is hypothesized to appear in the iPad 3.

The question is, therefore, should these displays be implemented, how does this reflect on the report yesterday that Apple was looking to use new suppliers to double the battery capacity in the new device, from 6,930mAh in the iPad 2, to over 14,000mAh in the iPad 3?  With new, low-power displays, would battery capacity be such an issue any more?


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