Rumor: iPhone 5 With Aluminum Rear Panel In Fall 2012 (Again)

From a ‘close source’, BGR has learned that Apple will apparently be launching an iPhone 5 with an aluminum rear panel and rubber bezel in the Fall of 2012. The redesign will incorporate a new antenna system and would mean that Apple wouldn’t have to incorporate a black plastic panel at the top of the device, much like the one seen in the 3G compatible iPads.

The speculation surrounding an iPhone with an aluminum rear panel has been circulating for a while, particularly prior to the launch of the iPhone 4S.  It was reported back in November that an unnamed individual had actually touched a fabled next gen iPhone and that the rear panel was aluminum so it’s nothing new.

We’re hoping that this isn’t the same source that BGR relied upon when they reported that a dramatically redesigned iPhone would launch in August 2011 and that it may even lose the Home button.  That would not be advisable.


Render image via MacRumors

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  • Toopriddy

    I severally doubt that the iPhone is going to get the same black plastic as the iPad because of them touting their dual antenna switching system.  You would have to have two ugly black plastic chunks on the phone… and then there is the wifi and bluetooth antenna… you would have to have to have another black chunk. *yuck* now it is a different story if the back is plastic.

    Please apple make a plastic back, plastic survives falls much better than glass and it is much lighter.