Law And Order Legacies Game For iOS Released

If you are a fan of the various Law and Order shows on television, then you’ll likely be delighted to hear that Telltale games, developers of the overtly cinematic Jurassic Park game for iOS devices, have released a new game called Law and Order Legacies (we’re assuming it’s called Legacies because Law and Order was cancelled).

The game, in true cinematic style, describes itself as allowing fans to ‘feel like they’re playing the TV show, following dramatic twists and turns of criminal investigation, assuming the dual roles of police investigators and district attorneys’. The likenesses of Law and Order actors and actresses such as Benjamin Bratt and Mariska Hargitay are used in the game to create a ‘dream team’.

The game will be made available in seven episodic downloads, each costing $2.99 on the iOS App Store. The app, including episode one, is available now for $2.99. You can check it out here.

Being honest, I was a little let down with Jurassic Park, which looked great, but with un-engaging gameplay. Let’s hope that Telltale have hit this one out the park.


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