Apple Posts iTunes Match Overview And FAQ

Apple has posted a new iTunes Match page on their website which gives details of what exactly iTunes Match is, how it works, and how to get started using it. The new page, spotted by a sharp-eyed AppleBitch reader, also gives an FAQ and can be accessed through a link on the iTunes ‘What’s New‘ page (click on the Learn More link at the bottom).

Currently, the site notes that the service is only available to users who have a US Apple ID, but it’s likely that this will change very soon when the service rolls out across the rest of the globe. The page also gives a description of which file formats are compatible with iTunes Match (AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, and more), noting that any files that can be played with iTunes will be compatible.

Additionally, the site states what happens if a user decides not to subscribe after the first year. Any songs that have been upgraded or downloaded again are apparently safe, but the user would lose central storage of the songs and will no longer stream or allow download of matched tracks to a user’s devices. Users will also be able to use an Apple ID that is not registered with iCloud (i.e. a purchase only account).

Take a look at the iTunes Match page now and it may convince you to subscribe if you are sitting on the fence.

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  • Anonymous

    My question is: after matching… Can I delete the music I rarely listen to on my Mac and on all my iDevices? Will it stream if the last local copy is gone?