Apple Exchanging Faulty First Gen iPod Nano For Sixth Gen iPod Nano?

According to an interesting anecdotal report over at MacRumors, it may be possible for consumers to exchange an original first generation iPod nano for a brand spanking new sixth generation iPod nano. However, before you start digging out that ancient iPod nano that is lying at the back of your drawer, there are a few caveats.

The background to the story is that last month, Apple launched a global program to replace some iPod nano units which had a faulty battery, subject to overheating. This new program allowed consumers who had purchased a first generation iPod nano back in 2005-2006 to exchange their device for a replacement unit. The caveat to this was that the serial number of the iPod nano had to match the Apple database of potentially faulty devices (sold between September 2005 and December 2006) and that not all iPod nano devices are affected by the faulty battery. Apple has apparently been replacing all of the faulty units free of charge, but now may be running out of replacement first generation iPod models and may start replacing them with sixth generation models.

According to serial numbers on the Apple website, the new sixth generation iPod nano’s are starting to be shipped. Those who have exchanged the devices will apparently start to receive their new nano beginning tomorrow so watch to see whether this is actually going to happen.


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