Rumor: iPad 3 Components Leak

In a not entirely unexpected development, components that apparently destined for inclusion in the iPad 3 are now being claimed to have leaked on to the market. As spotted by Cydia Blog and as found on Chinese parts supplier TVC-Mall, an iPad 3 microphone cable, as well as a power flex cable and iPad 3 dock connector can now be found on the site and, if desired, ordered for delivery.

As seen on the site, if the parts are compared to similar components found in the first and second generation iPads, there are noticeable differences in construction suggesting that these components are not simply from prior generations. However, the only indication that they are for the iPad 3 comes from the description and, therefore, it’s unclear if this is a genuine leak.  However, if genuine, it does at least reassure us that the iPad 3 will actually have internal cabling and perhaps even a dock connector.

The iPad 3 has been rumored to be set for an early 2012 launch and some supply stream rumors have suggested that the device will launch with an upgraded Retina Display and the new Apple A6 processor.  Wilder speculation has centered around potential 4G LTE compatibility but with no supporting evidence.


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