‘iPad 3 For Dummies’ Book Release Date Is 23rd February 2012

In what could be seen as a rather pre-emptive move, a new book ‘iPad 3 For Dummies’ has appeared for pre-order on Amazon’s French site. The book has a suggested publication date of 23rd February 2012 which, as suggested by previous analyst comments, fits well with the rumored release date of the iPad 3.

The book, by author Cedric Gallet, is entitled ‘Tout sur mon iPad 3 pour Les Nuls’ and apparently offers 250 questions and answers about the highly awaited, but unannounced, iPad 3. The release date of February 23rd is perhaps speculation on the part of the author and publisher but, given previous rumors concerning the potential launch date of the iPad 3, is worth noting.

The ‘…For Dummies’ series is one of the largest instructive series of books covering a wide range of topics and, indeed, there are ‘For Dummies’ books for a wide range of Apple products, both hardware and software. However, this is the first time that a ‘For Dummies’ publication about the iPad 3 has been printed. Of course, ‘For Dummies’ publications for unreleased Apple products have been spotted in the past, such as ‘iPhone 5 For Dummies‘ so you could treat this one with a small amount of skepticism and just a tiny amount of excitement.

Dummy Up, And…

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