Rumor: Retina Display MacBook Pro Coming In 2012

The MacBook Pro will apparently be receiving a major upgrade in 2012 and the most interesting new feature will apparently be a major bump in resolution to 2880 x 1800 pixels which would bring it into the range of Apple’s highly touted Retina Display. The apparently well-sourced Digitimes is reporting that the new MacBook Pro will launch in the second quarter of 2012 according to supply chain sources.

The Retina Display is currently found in the iPhone 4 and 4S, and is based around the concept that the pixel density of the screen is so high that the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels. Bring the feature to the MacBook Pro would certainly be a groundbreaking feature that would differentiate it from previous models. Unfortunately, no information was included on whether, or indeed when, Apple would be bringing Retina Display to other Macs like the MacBook Air or even the iMac.

The MacBook Pro is not the only Apple device to be rumored to be receiving a major display upgrade next year. The long-rumored iPad 3 is also expected to have a resolution bump to bring Retina Display to the iPad.

The real question is how the new Retina Display will impact the battery life of these devices?  As always, there is a trade off between including fantastic new features and considering the power requirements.  It will be interesting to see how Apple deals with this.


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