Rumor: High Resolution iPad 3 Release Date Is February 2012

Apple is reportedly preparing a high resolution iPad 3 launch for the month of February next year, according to a new report from Business Insider. The rumor is based upon information secured by analyst Richard Gardner from Citi who has not just one, but several sources pointing towards the same thing. The note, while very short, suggests that the new iPad will sport a Retina Display and that there are ‘no obstacles’ for a February launch.

While analyst reports are frequently highly unreliable, we are posting this out of interest as it ties in with other prior rumors pointing towards an early Spring 2012 launch for the iPad 3.  Of course, other sources have pointed towards a Summer 2012 launch for an LTE iPad so it seems that nobody has the first clue as to when the new iPad will launch and it’s therefore difficult to pinpoint the launch with any accuracy at all.

Interestingly, and not at all co-incidentally, Microsoft has already apparently pegged February to release their highly-touted Windows App Store. An iPad 3 launch would be an spectacular way to steal that thunder.

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