Apple And The 12 Days Of Christmas

Apple has released a ’12 Days of Christmas’ app on the UK App Store which allows users to access a special selection of ‘songs, music videos, apps and books for free’. The app, which is free of charge, is active from the 26th December until the 6th of January. The app will also apparently be made available in other European countries as well as Canada.

The ’12 Days’ offers are part of Apple’s annual tradition of celebrating Christmas. It’s not clear yet what the gifts will be yet (obviously because they haven’t been released) but in previous years have included bestselling books, TV shows and full albums.

Amusingly, and according to iTunes, the app is rated 12+ meaning that the gifts may contain ‘mild profanity or crude humor, mild violence or nudity’ Is anyone else intrigued or do you think one of the gifts will just be a free fart app?

The app can be found in the App Store here.


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  • Winski

    AND, the US and other countries are left out WHY???

    • AppleBitch

      Because Apple stuff tends to be cheaper in the US so it’s Christmas every day

      • Winski

        No it’s not.!! That hardly seems fair…. Hummm….

        • AppleBitch

          Kidding :)

          • Winski

            I thought you were using a different price list that the rest of us… I wanted a copy !!