Apple Updates iBooks App With Cool New Features

Apple has released an update for their ebook application on the iPad and iPhone, bringing with it some awesome new features to make the reading experience on the iPad better than before. The new version, 1.5, has gone live with a new night time reading mode that inverts the page colors so that you are reading white text on a black background. Try it yourself in the dark and you’ll find it’s a lot easier on the eyes than reading black text against a bright white screen.

In addition to the new night-time mode, the update brings with it new fonts with which to read your books as well as new covers for public domain books (mine changed from yellow to blue). You can also change the colors for highlighting text. The update also adds support for pop-up footnotes so that publishers can make their books a little more dynamic, engaging and perhaps even irritating?

Perhaps the best new feature is the inclusion of a full screen toggle button which removes the book pages theme and just displays the text on the screen. This is unfortunately only available on the iPad and not on the iPhone version but makes a difference if you are looking for an extraordinarily clean interface and aren’t a fan of the leather bound faux-reality themes that Apple occasionally uses.

The update to iBooks is available in the App Store now and, as before, is free.


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