Beware Of Fake iTunes Gift Certificates

As is relatively common around Thanksgiving time, Apple starts offering discounts on some of their items. Not eye popping, but still welcome nonetheless. However, what is less welcome this year is when a spam email starts doing the rounds claiming to be an iTunes gift certificate. The e-mail notifies recipients that they have received an iTunes gift voucher with an attachment that apparently holds an iTunes certificate code.

Of course, as with all malicious spam emails, there is no such code and instead the attachment contains malware¬† (detected by Sophos as Mal/BredoZp-B) which isn’t a terribly welcome attachment. Thankfully it only affects Windows systems but it might not be the only scam e-mail purporting to be from Apple that is doing the rounds.

Basic common sense suggests that if an unknown e-mail contains a zip file, you are best not to open it (even if you are a Mac user) and get it checked out first. The only reason that we are mentioning it is because online scams can increase in number at this time of year and innocent users can get caught out.

So here is a gentle reminder to stay cautious with any unfamiliar emails you receive. Oh, and have a fantastically happy and safe Thanksgiving.


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