Rumor: iOS 5.1 Brings More Complex Functionality To Siri

According to some new information coming via German site Macerkopf, Siri is going to be getting some additional functionality when iOS 5.1 is released. The new functionality is reportedly bringing some additional functionality to the highly touted Siri feature of the iPhone 4S, apparently bringing more Siri extensions that will include ‘take a picture, make a video and switch on/off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth’.

Naturally, Apple will be bringing more and more features to Siri as it moves out of beta and towards a full stable public release. It’s not clear what the timeline for this sort of release is, but you can safely expect each significant improvements to the software with each new iOS release.

The ability to turn on and off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi would be useful, essentially bring SBSettings-like features to the 4S without the need to jailbreak. This would just be the tip of a large iceberg in terms of increasing Siri functionality.

Given that Macerkopf is not a frequent news source, it may simply just be common sense that iOS 5.1 would bring some pretty big improvements to the Siri software. The real question is when developers will be able to use Siri functionality in other apps to allow them to utilize voice commands.

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