Dumped: Apple TV 2 Price Drop

Amazon have dropped the price of the second generation Apple TV and relabeled it as the 2010 model, prompting folks at 9to5Mac to suggest that a new Apple TV could be on the horizon, perhaps for next year. The price of the second gen TV device has been dropped to $89.99 matching that of Best Buy US (Best Buy Mexico recently gave the Apple TV away free with MacBook Pro or iMac purchases).

While nothing has been speculated recently about a new version of the Apple TV, certainly one of the most wished-for features has to be the upgrading of the picture output to 1080p.  However, and perhaps in addition, the recent speculation surrounding the launch of an Apple branded television could have perhaps set nerves tingling over at Amazon with the price drop a result of that rumor.

Without reading too much into, at the very least, it’s a great deal for Crimbo.


Also on AppleBitch.com:

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